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Making a difference, one spoon at a time.


Here at Awesome Home Items, we’re committed to creating zero-waste solutions that make everyday sustainable living possible. We began Awesome Home Items because we knew we had an idea that could spark positive change. And today, we’re still constantly striving to set the standard for sustainable business practices.
Daily use doesn’t have to mean plastic. And it shouldn’t lack good design or craftsmanship. We’re proud to offer quality daily use items crafted from natural materials that are durable, affordable, and attractive. There’s a certain joy that comes with using something handcrafted- shouldn’t that be part of everyday life? Incorporating natural materials into our lives helps us live in harmony with nature-and enjoy something beautiful while we’re at it. By creating with a purpose, we only make what’s needed-keeping our landfills empty and leaving you with products you can use for years to come.
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