Bamboo Wood Cutting Board



Over traditional cutting wood, bamboo boards have gained more votes because of their many benefits, and due to this, it has become the most popular choice among customers.


  • Due to the hard density of wood, it is maintenance-free.
  • It can not crack or warp quickly because this wood can does not retain water
  • It has an exquisite look and looks very classy. It is not like the regular ordinary wood cutting board
  • This cutting board also contain natural antiseptic property
  • It is more vital than any standard wood cutting board, and you can also use them as a serving tray


  • Material: wooden
  • Other qualities: non-slip, mildew proof
  •  Color A: 30cm x 20cm
  •  Color B: 32cm x 22cm
  •  Color C: 34cm x 24cm
  •  Color D: 40cm x 30cm
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