Handmade Bamboo Chopping Serving Board


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PREMIUM BAMBOO: We use high-quality bamboo and are proud of our craftsmanship. Our bamboo is variety chosen and is neither a food source nor a habitat for the Giant Panda.

The coloration of the cutting board may slightly vary compared to the picture shown due to the manufacturing process.

TOP 5 BENEFITS OF BAMBOO: 1.) Renewable; 2.) Bacterial Resistance; 3.) Self-Healing and Easier on Knives; 4.) Durable; 5.) Less Water Retention.

SAFE TO USE: Only food-safe, formaldehyde-free glue is used in assembly. No dyes or stains are used – the color is permanent and will not fade or wash out.

EASY TO MAINTAIN: Wash with warm water and occasionally use food-grade mineral oil to extend life and beauty.


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