Meat Fast Defrosting Tray


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SPEED UP THE DEFROSTING TIME: Defrosting plate speeds up defrosting times for everyhing from chicken breasts to frozen peeled shrimp. Works works well for all meats like ground beef, fish and other frozen foods.

NATURAL AND HEALTHY WAY: It is fast and organic, NO ELECTRICY, NO MICROWAVE, NO CHEMICALS. Microwaves change the structure and even the flavor of food, so this is a perfect solution. It is a natural and healthy way to prepare food by just channeling the heat from the air.

SO EASY TO USE: Just lay the frozen food on the defrost board and give it a little while on each side. Dishwasher safe!

SUPERIOR QUALITY: The quick thaw plate is made of high quality aluminum, defrost faster, thaw quicker.

Forgot to take something out of the freezer last night? No problem!


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