Multi-functional Drum Slicer & Grater


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The Multi-functional Drum Slicer & Grater is the answer for your food prep needs. Imagine hainvg someone to prepare and cut all the ingredients before you start to cook, just like in cooking TV shows.All you have to do is cook. This is exactly what the Multi-functional Drum Slicer & Grater will do for you. Take your new vegetable slicer and slice veggies into thin ribbons and rounds, making restaurant-quality salads and side dishes. 

Most of our cooking time is wasted on preaparing and cutting all the vegetables again and again.

Add a Multi-functional Drum Slicer & Grater to your loved kitchen for a versatile slicing option that make food prep faster and easier. No matter if you want to make thin or thick slices, all you need to do is just adjust the blades and start slicing.

The Multi-functional Drum Slicer & Grater blades are made of high quality stainless steel. It is designed to keep your hands and fingers safe when cutting vegetables. Want to create strips of zucchini or slice potatoes, or maybe make side-garnishes? The Multi-functional Drum Slicer & Grater will help you do all of this and save you a lot of time.


* 1 round equals cutting 12 times.

* 3 interchangeable sharp blades for different cutting choice: fine & coarse grating & slicing.

*  Saves you a lot of time in food prep tasks.

* A perfect method to cut numerous vegetables in seconds!!

Usage instructions:

– Place the suction base on smooth clean countertop.

– Lock by turning the knob clockwise.

– Choose the suitable blade and lock the lever.

– Put the veggie in the material tank,  press down the vegetable with the food propeller and start rounding the hand lever. In a few seconds you’ll get wonderful strips and slices! 

You can easily cut all kind of vegetables like carrots, onions, cucumbers, potatoes, cauliflower, radishes, cabbages and more. You can even use it for grating cheese, grinding nuts and making breadcrumbs!

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